Condition Report on Fine Wines in Storage

Condition Report on Fine Wines in Storage

Condition Reports

In view of the trend of buyers of wines seeking condition reports, Sure Holdings has decided to organise condition reports for your wine held under our management at 10 GBP + VAT for wines stored at the London warehouse and 8 Euros for wines stored at the Bordeaux warehouse per full or half case effective from 15th November 2013. All newly purchased wines and wines older than 10 years will be subject to condition reports.

Having condition reports on hand when placing your wines in the market for sales makes the process of selling faster and increases buyer confidence in your wine. Kindly refer to our updated Terms and Conditions, Clause 21.

Quality Control

A condition report is a detailed examination of each bottle within the case. Each case that arrives at the warehouses is nailed shut. When a condition report is done, the nails are carefully removed to prevent damage to the case itself, each bottle is removed and examined for flaws such as torn or stained labels that could undermine the value of the wine in later years, photographed and thereafter placed back with utmost care.

Branded Wines

Please be informed that these reports would not be conducted for banded wines stored at the EHD warehouse. The reason for this is that cases that are branded are brand new and thus, unopened before. That is, these cases are in their original condition and the bands serve as proof that the wine bottles within are in good condition and have not been tampered with. As such, the need for condition reports is not required. Besides, opening these cases will then show evidence the wine has been opened and cause further inspections when selling it with perfect provenance.

As it is still vital to obtain evidence that these cases are indeed banded, photographs of all new incoming banded cases would be captured for wines instead at the cost of 10 GBP + VAT.

This is part of our continued efforts to maintain your fine wine portfolio to the highest standards while keeping the costs as low as possible.

In view of the large number of wines currently under our management we will be doing condition reports staggered with 100 cases at a time. This exercise will take at least six months, therefore your condition report charges will subsequently be staggered charges.

Please lookout for your next storage fee related invoice that will contain details of your wines that would have condition reports completed.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

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