Mouton Rothschild Vintage 2005 BUY Recommendation

Mouton Rothschild Vintage 2005 BUY Recommendation

Dear Friends and Clients,


I have some very good news for you. I have just received a parcel of one of the best vintages of the decade for Mouton Rothschild. The vintage is 2005.


If you’re not very sure about Mouton Rothschild, this is just a brief introduction.  Mouton Rothschild is from the 1855 Classification. This is  a Full Bodied Red Wine and Mouton is popular for lasting more than a 100 years. It’s a First Class or Premier Cru wine from the region of Pauillac in Bordeaux, in fact it’s part of the Lafite Rothschild family.


This is a fantastic parcel we secured with one of our key negociants in UK. The stock is held in our warehouse in London. This stock is in its Original Wooden Cases and it’s in perfect condition.


I could only get 50 cases of this so this is really very limited and it will be snapped up very quickly because there’s a lot of activity in the wine market right now.  I can offer you up to five cases maximum.


Back in 2011 it was heavily traded at 6000 pounds/case, and back then it only had 96 points from Robert Parker. Currently in the UK, the lowest price available in the market is 4200 Pounds a case but some merchants are selling it for 4500 Pounds.


The ratings are spectacular. Parker upgraded its rating from 96 points to 100 points about 5 months ago. He said it’s a superb Mouton and a modern day clone of the 1955 Mouton which costs 15,000 Pounds a case today.


It’s a very special parcel and was bought originally direct from Chateau Mouton and I managed to secure it for 4150 Pounds per case. That’s 31% cheaper than it was 5 years ago in 2011. And now its 5 years older and becoming more and more rare as the years pass.


It’s very well priced for a 100 point rated first growth wine. Makes it for me one of my favourite investment wines in this market. Whoever can get hold of 100 point wines at the right price, will make some good returns over the next 1-2 years.


2005 for Bordeaux was considered a very good year and on top of that, holding onto a 100 pointer vintage first growth in your portfolio is a very smart move at the moment. As the market shifts and sets up for some good growth over the next few years, the 100 point wines will become very rare.


Stock markets are down from yesterday and expected another rout of losses, this will only give more fuel to the fine wine and gold market.


As an investment, the wine market is in great shape, there are plenty of activities in the Bordeaux market and the prices of the first growth are picking up some nice traction.


Right now, it is perfect timing to pick up wines while the wine market is adjusting itself and make yourself some good returns over the middle to long term.  You can hold this Mouton 2005 for about five years and I would expect to see around 100% growth.  This wine should mature for drinking in about five years from now which is why I’m suggesting you can hold it as a long term investment.


Whats your thoughts on this one?


Please let me know how many cases you would like to add to your portfolio.

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