Our Investment Wines stored in London

Our Investment Wines stored in London

On many occasions, clients have joked with us about whether there really are any wine existing in these wonderful storage facilities that we talk about so enthusiastically. So we decided on our recent physical audit to compose a short video of the wine warehouse.

This first video is in London City Bond Tilbury, one of our main wine storage facility in the UK. This is after we had spent the whole day counting all the cases. Due to the poor lighting and slim corridors, it was rather difficult to record the wine. You can attempt to watch the result below. Watch the full video below and take note that not one case of wine is recorded twice, see if you can find your wine amongst our precious babies!

If you need a good storage management service for your portfolio, get in touch with us today for a quotation. We can fully manage your wine portfolio for less than 1% per year. We take the headaches away from managing physical stock and give you the peace of mind knowing that all your wines are being stored in professional conditions. All our wines are photographed when they enter either of our warehouses. We do physical checks on our wines and we do paper audits several times per year. We make sure that our wine and your wine is looked after and kept correctly.  Your wine portfolio is your investment asset so its important to ensure it is managed properly.

Contact us now to obtain more information. We are investors so we know what you need.



You can also check out other videos from our Youtube Channel: Invest into Wine or click here.

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    Receive a Wine Investment Report every month. Don’t miss out on the hottest wine investing tips!