On Bordeaux Futures & the Future of Wine Collecting

On Bordeaux Futures & the Future of Wine Collecting

I’m paying a bill from one of the warehouses where I cellar wine when I hear a little voice in my head whisper ominously to me: Why would any sane person even bother starting a wine collection today? The compounding wine warehousing bills, not to mention my motley crew of wine fridges in the garage, send a cold shiver down my spine at the thought that, to Millennial wine consumers, I must appear like one of those wild-eyed compulsives on “Hoarders.” Don’t get me wrong – I love my little hoard.

For the most part, my wines are not among the real collector blue chips, though I would never dream of selling them anyway. Like a lot of lover-collectors (as opposed to trophy-collectors) of my generation, it’s a stock pile of treasured wine journey discoveries packed around a foundation laid during a halcyon era of well-priced Bordeaux en primeur purchases. But considering the state of Bordeaux en primeur today, what are the real “carrot” wines that would inspire young collectors to become a lover-collector of cherished wines like me?

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