How to Know You Own Your Wine

How to Know You Own Your Wine

With fine wine investments, a question most commonly asked is “How do I know that I own my wine?” This question is asked often by new investors. It’s a very valid and pertinent question as investors genuinely want and need to know what wines do they own in their portfolios.

This is not surprising at all because there have been in the past unscrupulous wine investment companies that sold wine to their investors with wines that didn’t even exist! Sadly, many potential investors are losing out on this great opportunity in fine wine investing just because a few rogue companies have tarnished the reputation of the fine wine investment market.

So, let’s discuss how would you know that you own your wines.

As an investor, after you have bought wines with us, each case in the warehouse bears a unique rotation number. This is also a record of the movement of your wine within the warehouse. You can request a copy of the rotation number/reference from a warehouse report at anytime for any of your wines.

If in the worst case scenario where Sure Holdings has gone bankrupt, your wine can not be taken as an asset of Sure Holdings because when you make a purchase you will receive an invoice and a receipt once you have made full payment. These 2 documents verify that no liquidator can sell off your wine in the event of a winding up of the management company. Sure Holdings manages the everyday logistics plus physical and paper audits of the wines.

You can also check your wine portfolio on our website at anytime with your unique username and password at

Every year, we run physical audits and paper audits on every single wine that you own in our warehouses to ensure your wines are in perfect condition. We are very serious with our physical inspection and wine audits, as even a small tear or a smudged label could affect the re-sale value of your wines.

We did an exercise around 18 months ago whereby upon completion of an audit we took any wines that we considered as none perfect stock, some wine labels had stains on them and slight tears on the labels. We re-purchased perfect bottles and replaced those damaged bottles. We did this free of charge to you as part of our ongoing service to provide you with a stress free investment.

I hope this article helps to give you the information needed. Do drop me a line if you have any comments to share with me.

Sincerely yours,

Kimmy Goh

– Asia’s First Class Mandarin Speaking Wine Investment Expert

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    Receive a Wine Investment Report every month. Don’t miss out on the hottest wine investing tips!