Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio Analysis  If you find this analysis helpful or information overload, feel free to give me your feedback. Thanks and best wishes   Kimmy Goh CEO – Sure Holdings Ltd   Mouton Rothschild 2002 Steady growth up to January 2016 it was trading at 3000 pounds/case, this wine has suddenly come to life with a very good…

Bordeaux 2016 – Key prices

Bordeaux 2016 – Key prices The table below shows Bordeaux 2016 prices from key Chateaux as soon as the wines are released En Primeur. For further analysis and charts, see the latest blog posts on this year’s campaign.   Read more at Bordeaux 2016 – Key prices  

Bordeaux turns pink

  Bordeaux is going pink. A very pale shade of pink, according to Allan Sichel, president of the Bordeaux Wine Council (CIVB).     “Rosé is a very dynamic segment and what’s particularly interesting is that it gives a different perspective of Bordeaux,” he says. “It refreshes the image and brings new consumers to Bordeaux…

Russians investing in European vineyards

  Notable Russian billionairies are expanding into the EU wine market through the purchase of elite vineyards in well-known wine-making regions of the continent, according to a recent report from the Russian Ministry of Agriculture.     Several days ago Konstantin Nikolayev, a well-known Russian businessman and head of the Russian transport holding N-Trans, completed…

Bordeaux 2016 – Critic scores

Bordeaux 2016 – Critic scores The table below enables you to compare Bordeaux 2016 scores from key critics. For their full reports – including written notes and more scores – please see the sources section beneath the table.  Read more Bordeaux 2016 – Critic Scores