What is the best wine you’ve ever tasted?

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What is the all-time best glass of wine you’ve ever tasted?

We have an interesting question for this week, and I am excited to share my personal experience on this! So, what is the all-time best glass of wine you’ve ever tasted?
The best glass of wine I ever tasted was a Dom Perignon Champagne Vintage 1996.
Although I have tried many beautiful wines both young and old, I am not a lover of Champagne in general. The typical champagnes I have always found the taste too bitter for my palate. Perhaps I have not drunk enough Champagne, some people can probably argue. I do not consider myself a connoisseur because I prefer to invest in the best wines in the world rather than drink them until my cellar is empty!

Dom Perignon 1996

However, the Dom Perignon 1996 surprised me so much because the bubbles were so fine and the taste was so smooth with a touch of sweetness. You really can not believe how fine the bubbles can be in an outstanding Champagne until you taste it. Dom Perignon 1996, just the right sweetness, not too much to put you off, still with the slight Champagne bitterness but it was well hidden in the beauty of the flavour and aromas of the wine.
The great thing about drinking an aged wine is that even a novice wine drinker can taste the many flavours and complexities of the wine. They come alive on your palate as you sip the wine and let your taste-buds explore a wonderful adventure. It’s true that the famous wine critics find many flamboyant words to describe each taste and flavour or aroma, but anyone who enjoys wine can appreciate them and find them using their senses. Providing you are enjoying the wine in good company with a relaxed environment.
So, what about you?
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