Strive for Excellence  How Invest Into Wine Began – Part 5

This is the final part of a five part series of articles about Sure Holdings and how we began. 

In this final part, I would like to share with you where we are now and some of our goals for you as a wine investor and client.

We made a large investment in several online platforms, first there is our trading platform – a site for investors to buy and sell fine wine, monitor prices, charts and monitor their own wine portfolio. We built this system on a Magento platform, built by E bay, it allows us to rapidly scale up. It is a complicated system to develop but its security and scalability is paramount for us in the direction we are heading. It remains a very reliable system for clients to view their portfolios easily and safely.  Giving clients this peace of mind is a key component when considering a website platform.

Another site we have developed is our blog, which is a very flexible and dynamic platform for education and the latest market news. Here, wine investors can take an online wine course with 9 easy to watch videos, subscribe to our monthly wine investor pro membership with direct access to our panel of wine investment experts, without even owning a wine portfolio.  You can even sign up for a free 30 minute personalised consultation on fine wine investing.

Our next phase is working on a module which uses algorithms to read price data. Wine products have no global SKU, therefore reading every price list is a mammoth task. With our soon-to-be rolled out feature, it will give you instant valuations on your wine portfolio. Also, we intend to offer more data analysis using our charting system. Allows you to do your own analysis with groups of wines from different regions, classifications or ratings.

I hope we can roll out these features free to existing clients, because they are currently very expensive and only currently available to wine merchants and traders in the business.

Our commitment to you is to continue to offer the lowest priced recommendations to maximize your returns and teach investors as much as we can about fine wine, to give as many investors as we can a learning experience and an investing experience that will change their lives in a positive way. I hope that you, have been changed for the better through your experience with Sure Holdings.

At the same time, we want to give investors a service which they can rely on.  Reliability is another rare commodity, as companies become so big, they lose the connection with their customers. Many global companies grow into sizes that are out of control, it becomes harder for them to ensure consistent levels of service. 

Integrity, accountability and reliability is Sure Holding’s motto. Sure, we do make mistakes now and then, but we abide by our motto.  It’s our lifeline and the very beating heart of Sure Holdings. 




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