Is Lafite Rothschild still the big brand we know?

An interesting article published recently from the Wine index in London about Lafite Rothschild maintaining its market share. Despite the negative spin in the article about market share declining for first growths, this is not related to the increase in prices of the value of cases of first growth wines. ┬áThe decline in market share for first growths just means that other areas of the fine wine market are now presenting us with an opportunity as wine merchants and traders look for value in other regions of the fine wine market. ┬áProbably due to the fact that Bordeaux First Growths are becoming harder and harder to source below market value, as more investors hold on rather than sell their wine stocks into the market. We are still able to negotiate at market value or slightly below and on the selling side, well demand is definitely strong when selling a first growth providing the price point offered is right. The general trend for the fine wine market is definitely growth right now and this includes strong growth on first growths like Lafite, Mouton,┬áMargaux, Latour and Haut Brion among others from different top fine wine classifications. Click HERE for the article if you are interested.    

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