September 2017 Wine Investment Report

September 2017 Wine Investment Report!

Another strong and healthy month for Fine Wine Investors in the month of September. Octobers results for the London Vintners index was a strong 1.9% up tick for the Index 100. The top most 100 fine wines. That index is up 14.3% year to date.

However we saw a slight decline for the Index 1000 which is the broadest measure of wines. It fell modestly by 0.14% in September end versus the month of August.

The bullish stock market could have something to do with the kind growth that the wine market is bestowing on us.

It is a strong time to be building your wine portfolio, do get in touch with us if you feel you need a consultation if you haven’t been investing and you are not sure how to get back into the fine wine market.¬† Now is a great¬†opportunity for you to enter, confidence is now back in the market.

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The figures for September

Our valuations saw a positive gain for Champagne and Rhone Valley wines UP 0.24% and the Bordeaux market which was UP +0.79% for the month.

  • 38%¬†of the wines valued showed a positive return, while 13% showed a negative and 48% remained the same.¬†¬†82% are made up of Bordeaux while 18% are made up of Champagne and Rhone Valley.

  • The overall gain for ALL the wines valued this month was an increase of +0.74%See below the winners and losers for September versus August.

Appended below are the five top gainers and five bottom movers based on our wine valuations for the month.  Prices are taken from over 100 wines, which we are tracking and evaluating on a monthly basis. These wines are all our recommendations over the last fifteen years.
The prices will be evaluated every month and will be reflected in your online portfolio.
Please log on to our website to view your wine portfolio and contact us, for a free 20 minute telephone consultation on your portfolio.
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September 2017

Top Gainers          
Wine and Vintage Bid Price Ask Price Gain % Last Mths Bid
Chateauneuf du Pape VV Janasse 2010 Full Case 1520 1680 7% UP 1425
Carruades de Lafite 2008 Full Case 2375 2625 6% UP 2233
Lafite Rothschild 1998 Full Case 7220 7980 6% UP 6793
Haut Brion 1999 Full Case 3658 4043 5% UP 3468
Latour 2007 Full Case 3895 4305 5% UP 3696
Bottom Movers          
Wine and Vintage Bid Price Ask Price Loss % Last Mths Bid
Chapoutier Ermitage le Pavillon 2010 Full Case 2280 2520 -3% DOWN 2356
Margaux 2013 Full Case 3230 3570 -3% DOWN 3325
Chapoutier Ermitage le Pavillon 2012 Full Case 1758 1943 -3% DOWN 1805
Mouton Rothschild 2003 Full Case 4370 4830 -2% DOWN 4465
Margaux 2001 Full Case 3848 4253 -2% DOWN 3895

Investors Summary by James E Pala

This monthly update is going to increase in size as I decided to offer this as a monthly wine investors newsletter to you. I hope you find it helpful in your assesment of the markets and increases your knowledge when building a wine investment portfolio.

Don’t forget I am only an email away if you ever need help or advice. No question is a stupid question, my grandfather used to tell me.

I have read so many articles in the last few months with the naysayers telling us that doomsday is coming for the financial markets. Jim Rogers who founded the Quantumm fund with George Soros says we are heading for the worst financial crisis ever!

Do I agree with him? Well, I do think most of these pundits are preaching for publicity and its a common belief that those who predict carry little knowledge.

I would rather just be honest and tell you I have no clue where this stock market is heading. One can pour over financial materials all day and night (Which is what I do!) and you still might as well take a lucky guess. If I knew the next point of the market correction, I would be on Oprah as a person with special powers..

So let us explore the facts to see where we are.

The Dow Jones and many of the other markets are at an all time high. But every five years ,they do that anyway. Unless there’s a crash that knocks them down a few pegs. 22,400 points for the Dow is not a bad effort. In six months since Trump was elected, it has increased around 19%. And the top companies like Apple have increased their share price 40%. Now that’s a pretty aggressive return, so we must take note of that.

So, is Mr Trump steering us into a Mexican wall? Better hold on to your sombrero!

I do notice that confidence is faltering on the markets lately, so it’s not a bad idea to move assets or funds into safer environments or at least bank in some of your profits. The rallies however are phenomenal. One other clear fact is that the interest rates remain extremely low with the U.S Federal Reserve Interest rate at 1.5% and a further hike expected to 1.5% this allows conglomerates and corporations to continue to buy their stock using borrowed money.¬† This minor fact alone gives strength and reason to the continuous rallies we are seeing.

As for a correction, based on exchange rates still remaining low, meaning companies are still able to pump up their share prices with borrowed money. This and confidence that Trump can move on his tax policy will hopefully maintain the focus for growth. But one can only hope and try to remain in a balanced portfolio with some safer assets.

We have to consider the political situation in any given market, it does beg the question whether Trump and Kim Jong Un are born of the same egg.  Hopefully Richard Branson can build his Rocket ship to Mars and send them both to fight it out over there. While the rest of us get on with real life issues, such as what bottle of wine to open next or who to invite to the next dinner party.  Or why is my teenager child suddenly being nice to me.

In summary, I will not completely disagree with the nay-sayers and accept that there may be SOME form of correction on its way to us. Whether it reaches us in time for Christmas, I’ll leave that for Santa to decide but for now, it’s time to bottle up your fears and build on your fine wine portfolio, because here in front of you is a market that has done 230% in the last 10 years.¬† And you have a trusted¬†team of fine wine experts who are more than willing to help guide you in any way we can.

Wait a minute, before I go, I hear some of you saying,¬†“Well, why haven’t I made that return in my portfolio with you???” And my response would be, “If¬†you have had wines in your portfolio for 10 years and they are Bordeaux first growths, you would be seeing more than 230%, if you have had wines for less than that period, then sit back and enjoy the growth, because the growth we are seeing in fine wines at the moment is a long term decision. ¬†Think of it as a marriage between your money and your life. Remember, you¬†get out of marriage what you are prepared to put into it:)

I hope October treats you well and you are gearing up to drink some nice wine for the festive season at the end of this year.


James E Pala
Europe’s Number 1 Fine Wine Investment Analyst
Click here to speak to me

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