May 2018 Wine Investment Report

May 2018 Wine Investment Report!

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The figures for May

This month’s valuations showed a decrease for the¬†Champagne and Rhone Valley wines down -0.36%.

The Bordeaux market also showed a decline at -0.27% for the month.

¬†–¬† ¬†12%¬†of the wines valued showed a positive return, while 37% showed a negative and 51% remained the same.¬†¬†

82% of our portfolio is Bordeaux while 18% is Champagne and Rhone Valley.

–¬† ¬†¬†The overall loss for ALL the wines valued this month subsided at¬†– 0.27%¬†

See below the winners and losers for May versus April.


Ch√Ęteau Angelus 2009 – Premiers Grands Crus Class√©s A from the 2012 Classification, has increased 23.6% following our recommendation to you in April 2013. This fine wine has an average critics score of 95/100.

Chateau Haut Brion 2001 – First Growth from the 1855 Classification, has shown a positive return of 16.4% INCREASE since we recommended it to you as a buy on September 2016. This wine has an average score of 94/100 from the most well known fine wine critics.



MAY 2018

Top Gainers          
Wine and Vintage Bid Price Ask Price Gain % Last Mths Bid
 Carruades de Lafite 2007 Full Case  2565 2835 4% UP 2470
 Latour 2002 Full Case 4266 4715 4% UP 4118
 Pavie 2009 Full Case 3035 3355 3% UP 2945
 Carruades de Lafite 2005 Full Case 2613 2888 3% UP 2537
 Margaux 2001 Full Case 3895  4305 3% UP 3800
Bottom Movers          
Wine and Vintage Bid Price Ask Price Loss % Last Mths Bid
 Ermitage le Pavillon 2012 Full Case 1710 1890 -5% DOWN 1805
 Haut Brion 2000 Full Case  6270 6930 -4% DOWN 6555
 Leoville Las Cases 2009 Full Case  1900  2100 -4% DOWN 1976
¬†Cos D’Estournel 2015 Full Case ¬†1235 ¬†1365 -4% DOWN 1283
 Cristal Brut 2006 Full Case 1254 1386 -3% DOWN 1292


James E Pala
Europe’s Number 1 Fine Wine Investment Analyst
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