Sure Wine Fund

Sure Wine Fund

Sure Holdings started business 18 years ago and we have been building wine investment portfolios for private investors for a very long time, we are proud to have a client retention of 99%.

The reason we rarely lose clients is because of trust. Trust is not handed out easily, it is earned and it’s pivotal to our success.

Wine investing is not for short term gains and if you are patient, you can reap amazing rewards from wine investing. Having Wine in your investment portfolio is like a ‘friend’ you can rely on. It is always there when you need it. Just like Sure Holdings is always there when you need us. In good times or bad, a wine portfolio always has your back.


Over the years, we have had some wonderful and valuable feedback from you.

“Why don’t you just manage everything for me. I’m too busy to keep my eye on every single wine in my portfolio.”

or “I have so many wines in my portfolio, I’m not sure which ones to sell!”

“My wine portfolio is growing now with many wines in my list and tracking storage charges for every wine can become time consuming”

This is so true and we agree! When you start having over 15 wines in your portfolio, to check your bill against every wine in your portfolio can be several hours of work.
(That’s if you really want to check that our billing team is calculating it correctly).


Business man success in job

Then a client and friend suggested we open a managed wine fund to alleviate these problems. So we set off researching the best way to open a wine fund, some places we found the costs to be exorbitant. Eventually, we settled with the Labuan financial services authority (LOFSA) because of their low entry costs.

As you know, we care about costs. That’s why you only pay half a percent each year for a full management and half a percent for our storage service on your portfolio. When most companies charge 5%. We keep our margins low and so it would only make sense that we do the same with a wine fund.

Our prospectus will be released to those who register on the wine fund within the next 5 days.

If you like the idea of making your life easier, please register your interest. Registration requires only your name and email address.

Those participants that register early will be given high priority when the fund is launched.



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