The Sure Wine Fund – Reducing Risk In Your Portfolio

Sure Wine Fund

Reduce the Risk of Your Existing Wine Portfolio

We’re approaching the launch of our Sure Wine Fund. Have you thought about how your risk and returns could be different if your existing wine portfolio was transferred to the Sure Wine Fund? We’ve done some analysis so that you can compare the results.

Our Sure Wine Fund will bring together a collection of the finest wines in the market – Bordeaux First and Second Growth Wines. Therefore, as a test run, we selected ALL the Bordeaux First and Second Growth wines that we recommended to you three years ago (3 years = our recommended time frame to hold wine) and tracked the growth of those wine values. (For simplicity, we assume an investment in 1 full case per wine.) The value invested is based on £100,000, at the beginning of the period January 2015.

We can see that the growth of the Bordeaux First and Second Growth wines that we recommended in 2015 have varied. Mouton Rothschild (2012) had the lowest return and would be worth £128,008 after three years. Mouton Rothschild (2008) had the highest return and is worth £151,017 after three years. The Sure Wine Fund would have provided a return in between those two extremes.

Because the Sure Wine Fund is a collection of wines managed under a single portfolio, the returns will be relatively more stable compared to an investment in any single wine. One of the main reasons for this is because the fall in value of a single wine can be offset by the rise in value of the other wines held in the wine fund.

For example, when the value of Mouton Rothschild (2012) fell in April 2015, the value of the Sure Wine Fund still increased because the other two wines in the fund increased in the same period. Therefore, the Sure Wine Fund presents an excellent opportunity to diversify and reduce risk.

We hope this test run serves as a helpful demonstration of how you can benefit from the growth in value of a collection of the best wines in the market – without even having to invest in bottles of every wine. As your Fund Manager, we will make this process easy for you.

I hope you have enjoyed reading our analysis. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an email.

A quick reminder, the Sure Wine Fund is launching this month in September. If you feel this exciting opportunity can improve the returns on your wine portfolio, click the button below to apply and read the prospectus!

To celebrate the launch, I’m offering a 2% entry fee compared to 3% (Only applicable during the launch period). And you can use your current portfolio to invest into the wine fund.

I’ve purposely created this wine fund with the goal of making it flexible and easy for you to migrate your current portfolio.



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