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Sure Group of Companies Launches Managed Fine Wine Investment Fund


Sure Group of Companies in tandem with their Invest Into Wine brand have launched their first fine wine investment fund this year in September 2018.

This managed fund will allow private investors and companies to invest into a managed wine fund without having to buy a single case of wine.

Dividends will be paid yearly and the fund is licensed with LFSA. Labuan Financial Services Authority.

The website for Sure Wine Fund Ltd can be viewed HERE.


Wines which form part of the assets within the fund, mainly First Growth Bordeaux fine wines.

Reasons to invest into a managed wine fund.


“With a managed wine fund, investors can participate in a low risk asset class like fine wine without having to think about the right wines to invest or when to buy and sell.”  Fund manager James E P Pala

Frequently asked questions to help explain the fund in detail and how it operates.


Investors are required to invest minimum of 100,000 GBP set by the licensing body. This can be in the form of current wine assets or cash investments, or a mixture of both.



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