How do we sell your wines?

Serge Chapuis Château Pichon Baron

Questions I often get from clients are “How do you sell my wine? How does the sales process work?”

When you login and put a wine for sale on our website, we offer it to over 250 fine wine merchants around the world.  We market to them at least 3 times a week with a live list that is updated by the minute and of course immediately available for sale on our wine trading platform

In addition, we also post the wines for sale onto various wine websites and other wine trading platforms around the globe. 

In addition we started sending out wine investment offers to our global investor base of seasoned wine investors who are always ready to pick up good opportunities in the fine wine market. 

Because of the meticulous care we take of your wines, by conducting regular audits and reports on your wine to check the condition of the cases and bottles, it allows us to guarantee excellent storage history, and condition (provenance).  This adds value to your wines and is a strong selling point for any potential buyer, wine dealer or merchant.

We also have an excellent reputation in the market which has kept us in business for the last 19 years.  The wine market, simply trusts our brand and have no problem buying your wines through us.

There is no shortage in marketing efforts when offering your wine for sale to the rest of the world.  If you ever have a situation where you are selling a wine and the wine is not sold. It is always about the price. 

We are introducing an additional benefit to our service called managed portfolio, where we will price check the market and instantly make any price adjustments without disturbing you, (much faster than you would be able to do yourself). This will enable you to sell a wine quicker and more effectively. 

Getting out of an investment is just as important as getting into one. 

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