Investing in Wines Amidst Political Uncertainties in Malaysia

There have been some shocking and disappointing changes in the political field in Malaysia lately. With the PM resigning and a move by the previous party to take back control and now we have a new PM8. There is definitely an uncertain climate both politically and economically.

Just like the last vote, the people will decide and things should hopefully change for the better yet again. Or will it? Najib is in the background fighting for his position and to stay out of jail. It was expected really, let’s be honest. It’s time for you to be in fine wine and in a big way. The world markets are crashing and our returns have done over 11.75% per year for the last four years. I will send you an email on this later on in the week with the analysis for you to reference.

  • Wine is stable
  • Wine is safe
  • Wine has good returns if you diversify your portfolio and don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Most importantly, at least you can invest in assets that are outside of Malaysia until the trouble calms down. Plus, our wines are valued in Pounds or Euros, which hedges against the high risk of our failing RM, which is at its all-time low.

In addition, the returns that we make from our wine investment is not taxable, as wines are wasting assets, hence we are not subjected to capital gains tax. I’m STRONGLY advising you to buy some wines now while the wine prices are still low enough. Remember, we have to buy low and sell high. I hope I have given you enough reasons to see sense in this.

Oh and here is one more reason – You know and you know my team and I are a reputable source for fine wine investing.

There are not many companies out there that are as reliable as us, sorry to be big headed, but it’s really the truth.

We do not kill you on fees, because we are the lowest in the world. (YES the world, please do your research on this).

So how many cases would you like me to invest for you?

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