Wine & Spirits Investment Report September 2022

have a couple of exciting recommendations for you with this months wine investment report:

5% Below Market Value!
BUY THIS: Ducru Beaucaillou 2018 1585 GBP / 12 Bottles
Lowest price in the market is 1650/Case.

BUY THIS: Cos D’Estournel 2018 Full Case 1391 GBP/12 Bottles.
Lowest price in the market is 1480/case

8% Below Market Value!
BUY THIS: Angelus 2014 Full Case 2369 /12 Bottles.
Lowest price in the market is 2600/case

All this stock comes in Original Wooden cases & is held in Bond in Bordeaux, France. 

Would you like fo secure a case of any of these recommendations? 

Kind regards
James Pala
Wine Investment Analyst

Email for a recommendation on what wines to invest in today. 

Compare the Invest Into Wine Index with the London Vintners Exchange Index and the world’s stock markets in the table below.

Performance for 2022
Year to Date
Invest Into Wine Index
+ 7.87%
Liv-ex Bordeaux 100
+ 6.1%
Dow Jones
- 12.56%
Nasdaq Composite
- 24.18%
- 1.66%
Shanghai Comp
- 10.59%

We can source the best investment wines according to your budget and add them to your portfolio. Contact us if you wish to increase the size of your portfolio and grow your future asset holding. 

Be the best investor you can be and grow a great wine portfolio for your future.

Kind regards 
James Pala

Europe’s No 1 Wine Investment Analyst

If you are selling wine?

Our portfolio management team have been selling some clients wines this month, but due to the growth spurt in the market, we have eased off selling aggressively for you to enjoy the growth in the wines currently invested.

What are the best investment wines to buy now?  

Prices are difficult to negotiate lower than market price. Stock is limited, any stock requests or increases to your portfolio require around 2-4 weeks’ notice to find stock at the best price. 

The Figures for September

This month’s valuations showed the Bordeaux market has increased by 1.01% for the month. Champagne and Rhone Valley wines have decreased -1.53%. 
 –   30.4% of the wines valued showed a positive return, while 21.6% showed a negative return and 50% remained the same.  
–   81.5% of our portfolio is Bordeaux while 13.2% is Champagne and Rhone Valley, with Whisky investments & others make up 3.3%

–   The overall change for ALL the wines valued this month was DOWN -0.12% 

Scroll down for the winners and losers for August versus September


Below are the five, top and bottom movers compared to the previous month. Over 100 wines are valued each month. The wines valued are ALL OUR recommendations from the last fifteen years.

The new prices are reflected in your online portfolio every month.

Please log on to our website to view your wine portfolio and email us back if you wish to ask anything about which wines that can help build your wine portfolio.


Yours Sincerely,
Client Services

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Did you know we offer a full bespoke service?

This is how your portfolio is managed.

  • Wine Research – Source and negotiate new wines.
  • Portfolio Analysis – Assess your portfolio for wines that need to be sold and allocate new wines to your portfolio.
  • Logistics – Manage the delivery and receipt of wines with new buyers and sellers into the Bonded Warehouse in UK and France.
  • Billing – Monitor funds from your wine sales and bill new wines to your portfolio to ensure an efficient cash flow to maximize your invested funds.

Read more below:
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Discretionary Investment Managed portfolio Agreement

Email to confirm your portfolio is under management to maximize your returns. 


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