My Vision is YOUR Success!

My vision began with running a successful investment company. Focusing on making returns for private investors by maintaining low margins for investors to acquire profits in their portfolios at a more rapid pace than wealth managers and investment banks that pressure growth in our portfolios with the many fees. 

We are today a uniquely positioned company with a wealth of experience in fine and rare wine investing. 

Having Worked in the Nasdaq stock market for so many years, I see an industry that is hungry for fees and commissions.  Money is not everything to me personally, success is not based on wealth.  The enjoyment of life and its wonders of the world we live in are one of the many things I enjoy more than anything.  Experiencing new places, visiting ancient wineries (Chateaux) in different parts of the world are a really rewarding and gratifying experience for me. Being able to spend time with my family is also of utmost importance to me.  Dealing with family issues confidently and making the family happy is what gives me great pleasure in my personal life. 

Creating a rare wine portfolio, being able to drink a 30 year old wine and visit the most beautiful wineries (Chateaux) in the world is a lifestyle that comes with wine investing.  Yes money helps and is important to enjoy life, but it doesn’t fix everything and even sometimes creates more problems for you. 

The stress of investing in the stock market and the risk to reward is by far not a lifestyle experience. In fact investing in stocks gave me grey hairs! 

The rewards and success are far greater in my wine investments than I have been making over the last 20 years.  It was evident that the returns in my rare wine portfolio were so much more consistent that happen time and time again.   When I don’t get the expected returns, I still don’t lose like stocks and shares and this is the key to long term stability and control over return on investment.

It is also the key to a lifestyle choice that I have made by investing in hard assets like wine. Best of all, the growth is stress free. People say the fine wine market is a very niche and prestigious market and hard to get involved with.  I disagree, rare wine investing is one of the easiest and less complex investments I have invested in. Im always happy to explain why it is so easy to invest in wine (The right wines!)  The opportunities in rare wine is simple supply and demand. Why rare wine appreciates over time at a nice steady pace.

Anyone in the financial world will agree wine is good investment, but you need diversification in your rare wine portfolio and a wine fund or a pension plan is also a good idea. That’s why I setup which is a fully managed wine investment portfolio fund.  The stock market and fund management business is very volatile, making it harder for investors to make returns. We do not promote rare wine investment to wealth management firms because they simply want too much commission or fees up front.  We work on low margins to get you into and out of wine investment with a huge chance of success.

We knew from our business plan when starting Invest Into Wine that we wanted to find a way to enhance people’s lifestyles whilst investing their money. What gives me great satisfaction is when a client says to me “I really appreciate you taking the time to explain this to me” or “I really am grateful to your service” those are the kind of comments which give me the drive and the will to turn Invest Into Wine with Sure Holdings into a success. You have my personal invite to join us on our road to success. Do not hesitate to email me at 

Why Wine Investment?

Many years ago, before my nasdaq career, I worked for a European firm as a rare wine broker and I  enjoyed this job immensely. It was such a fun business and at the same time the clients were making substantial returns from these wine Investments.   Wine is a solid and safe investment and gives a certain appeal to many people. Not only can we make a great investment but when the wine investment comes to fruition if we can’t find a buyer, then we can always drink it!

Growing up around Food and Beverage, with a father who was a successful chef and a family of wine growers from Italy. My father had his first restaurant before I was even born and I have always been around wine. I know that Fine Wine investment is a great investment vehicle but not enough people know its such a great opportunity.  Fine Wine is a very stable asset and can increase steadily over several years   Rare wine is considered low risk, a medium investment strategy and a more liquid investment which offers our clients peace of mind knowing their money is always working for them. 

I studied with the Wine and Spirit Education Trust to give me the experience of knowing what makes a rare wine but also how and why a good grape is grown and chosen to make an exceptional wine with a great bouquet. You do not need to be qualified with the wines and spirits education trust to become a wine investor. I qualified myself out of passion for the business.

When we make a recommendation, we invest in it together. Group buying gives us strength in numbers. Buying power to negotiate discounts!

Success comes with a long term mindset, enjoy the ride of wine investing and along the way, drink some great wines, come to Bordeaux with us and visit the top Chateau like Chateau Lafite Rothschild (With my personal invitation) and see your wine portfolio grow to where you want it to be with very little effort. 

My values are embedded on success by building a strong foundation in a company and looking after you, the client first, our profit comes secondary. Why do I go to such great lengths to say this?

Because I will always make money if my clients are happy. 

Our customer services department are one of the best in the industry and you can always reach out to me if you have any concerns.  We do not simply take our fees and say goodbye to you. We follow every single client through the investment from buy to sell and more.  When there is a good wine to buy, we will be the first to call you and offer you that wine and when your wine matures for resale, we will sell it for you at the right time.

Thank you for considering our company and I wish you every success in your investments.

What are you waiting for? Its time to put us to the test and start your money working for you. You can ask any of our clients and they will tell you how they reap the rewards of our wine investments which they have been doing for the last 20 years.”

Kind Regards,

James Pala
Europe’s Number One Wine Investment Analyst
President and founder of Sure Holdings


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