Become a Wine Investor in 3 Easy Steps


Here's how it works in 3 easy steps....

When you buy one case of wine with us, we will manage the storage of your wine and keep

it safe during the course of your investment period.

"Selling fine wine is like selling gold, priced right & a buyer is there."

" So easy to Buy wine at the ASK Price and Sell at the BID."


We are proud to have the lowest fees in the industry Fee Schedule Click here 


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When you made your investment in your first case of wine you can watch this video HERE to navigate around your portfolio:

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You will now receive regular recommendations from our expert panel of fine wine analysts!

Normally monthly recommendations are only reserved for existing clients.


- Storage, Insurance and management of your fine wine portfolio is only 1% per year, we take pride in offering you the lowest rates in the world. Just click here for more details.

- If you place a trade to buy, we require 24-48 hours to confirm the transaction.

- Payment is due within 5 working days upon receipt of an invoice. 

- When you are selling wine, it will be placed in the exchange and become available to the global wine market. 

- You will be notified during every step of the sale.

- We have a very strong network of merchants around the world who are always looking for high-quality wines with excellent provenance (Storage history). So you are not left hanging onto any wines when you need to liquidate fast