Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Invest into Wine with Sure Holdings is a website based business to allowing subscribers to invest in fine wine.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of all users of Invest into Wine with Sure Holdings.  Outlined below is our policy with regards to the collection, storage and use of information obtained through
2. Registration
When you register with Invest into Wine with Sure Holdings, we save all the details you provide to allow us to provide a service tailored to your requirements.
3. Collection and use of information
When you register to Invest into Wine with Sure Holdings site, we may collect information in relation to contact details and your use of the site.

The collected information allows Invest into Wine with Sure Holdings to provide access to all areas of the website and particular services requested.
4. Information and third parties
Information collected by Invest into Wine with Sure Holdings will not be passed to third parties without your prior consent. Consent will be deemed to have been given either in response to a particular request or where a service is requested through the site which involves a third party.

Where collected information is passed to third parties, the use of that information by the third party is governed by their privacy policy. Invest into Wine with Sure Holdings is not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of other websites.

5. Changes to the operation of Invest into Wine with Sure Holdings
If Invest into Wine with Sure Holdings enters into a joint venture, is merged with another business or sold to another business all collected information may be disclosed to the new business partners or owners.
6. Access to, review and removal of information on Invest into Wine with Sure Holdings
Registered users of can update their information, change settings on their registered page.
7. Cookies and tracking
Invest into Wine with Sure Holdings uses cookies to improve the functionality of the site for all users. 

Invest into Wine with Sure Holdings automatically records information about the use of the site to establish the profile of use of the site and update and improve the site and services provided. This information is purely statistical and does not include personal information.
8. Storage of information by Invest into Wine with Sure Holdings
All personal data is stored in accordance with our security procedures on computers housed in secure premises with restricted physical and electronic access. 

The use of all information collected is restricted to the offices of Invest into Wine with Sure Holdings with access available to employees to all of the services requested to be promoted unless your consent has been given for it to be transferred to third parties. 

Invest into Wine with Sure Holdings will retain collected information for a reasonable period and for as long as required by law changes to policy. 

We may change the policy from time to time. Any changes to this policy will be posted on the site.