Invest Into Wine Track Record since 2005

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All years summary  – See below Our original investment of $2,460,000 has made in excess of 68% return in 11 years. Today, the value is over $4 million dollars. we have made an excess of $1.65 million dollars.

Total return of all buy recommendations since 2005

– We have made positive returns on ALL our wine recommendations since 2005! There was only a negative at 2011. During 2011 was the year the wine bubble burst.  Chinese investors in a buying frenzy, inflated wine prices too aggressively and the Chinese Government cracked down on corruption which halted gift giving to corrupt government authorities. The market did however recover quickly as we are on positive gains in 2012 onwards.

Each recommendation made during 2016, showing the return based on an investment of $10,000 USD per recommendation.  Usually 1 case of wine can average around $5000, therefore these numbers are based on an average of 2 cases of wine per recommendation.

The full data of recommendations from 2005, an average return of 5.28% per year, every year.