MOUTON ROTHSCHILD 2008 BUY recommendation

MOUTON ROTHSCHILD 2008 BUY recommendation

I have secured an amazing price on a parcel of Mouton Rothschild.

It is very difficult to find stock below market price, these days. And you know why?

One reason is the market is on the rise so merchants are not keen on lowering their prices.

Mouton Rothschild Vintage 2008 – GBP 3150/12 Bottles – Original Wooden Cases – Stored in London in Bond.

If you haven’t added to your wine investment portfolio for a while – Now is your best chance!

Here is my recommendation:

I secured a great deal on a wine that’s ideal for your portfolio. This wine should give you some good aggressive growth this year so that you can take advantage of the rise in prices of the market this year.

Economies are slowing but the number of billionaires keeps growing.  There will not be a shortage of people drinking fine wine this year and more importantly there will be an increase in investors in wine this year as they run for cover from the perils of the stock market.

This parcel of Mouton Rothschild is a vintage 2008 and it comes with high recommendations from me to you. If you do not add this to your portfolio then I can not help you create wealth from your wine portfolio.

I have recommended this vintage many times, for various reasons.

The reasons I am recommending it again is because:

The Chateaux refuse to lower their prices any further – There has been this argument between merchants and Chateau that they keep releasing their new vintages too expensive for the merchants to sell enough. But here’s the problem that I found out talking to negociants in France.

Back in 2006, the Chateaux listened to merchants and lowered their prices however instead of offering the wines at  lower prices, merchants instead, took additional profit and sold for higher prices. A painful lesson the Chateaux learnt.

The Chateaux have a lot of staying power, they are so wealthy they could hold the prices for the next ten years without lowering them and still have plenty of cash flow. As you know the top Chateaux in Bordeaux are owned by billionaires.

Investors in the wine market have also reached a bottom for what they are willing to sell off for, this is why we are seeing prices on the rise.  We are at a record low number of clients selling wine back onto the market.  It is also very hard finding prices below market since merchants are aware prices are increasing.

Not sure if you had a chance to read my article with those Charts on Mouton Rothschild but it was very clear that the prices of Mouton have been rising over the past 12 months. The main reason they are on the rise is because they are still way cheaper than Lafite Rothschild vintages with the same ratings.

This parcel Im recommending to you is rated with 94 points from Robert Parker, it’s considered a very good rating.

If you compare this with Lafite Rothschild vintage 2007 it’s priced at 4750 GBP/case. This Lafite has exactly the same rating from Robert Parker as this Mouton 2008.

I can offer this Mouton to you for 3150 GBP/case.  That’s 33% cheaper!! It’s an amazing deal and so cheap right now. Especially since Mouton Rothschild is a  wine that’s on the rise right now.

Now it is not a blockbuster vintage but it is very cheap for a first growth. And given that the market is  looking at bargains they want the lower priced first growths, those are the ones going up in price.

Now here’s the thing, Lafite Rothschild is just not in demand as much as it was before, when the Chinese market first started buying first growths. ALL they wanted was Lafite – But when the prices went down four years ago they started buying other wines and Lafite didn’t look so special anymore.  I am not saying Lafite is a bad wine or anything. It is still one of the best wines in the world but it’s just not as in demand as before and therefore wines like Mouton which are the same in prestige and quality you can buy for 30% cheaper and they are going up in price NOW.

This is a good opportunity for you to make a great return over the next 12 months. I would advise you keep the wines longer as always, but im just saying we could see a very good return in 12  months on this Mouton 2008 that you normally would not find in a first growth wine.

Lafite is not going to go down in price because the market and the Chateaux refuse to lower their prices any further. In fact the Chateau will only increase the prices for newer vintages and people will still continue to buy.

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