Introducing Vinho

We spent the last 4 years developing a system for wine investment analysis. We finally cracked a really difficult puzzle of how to analyze and manage fine wine data.

  • Our new ‘Vinho’ system¬†can analyze¬†any wine in the market, currently we are analyzing over 40,000 wines.
  • It allows us to check¬†prices, vintages, availability, format and quantity across any part of the world or supplier that is offering their stock on the market.
  • All this data can be plotted into any type of graph or chart in seconds!¬†
  • We can even analyze¬†how many cases of a particular wine or a group of wines were available at any given time¬†many years ago.

It has taken us four months just to plug in all our data from the last 15 years…Now we have a team working daily to ensure each supplier list is collected properly and imported into our system on a daily basis.

A big thank you to our team who worked really hard to make it happen.


We needed to find a way to analyze the wine market in detail, it was the only way to guarantee that every recommendation we put on the table is bought at the lowest price in the world, we now have the ability to spot trends in the market and see declines or increases in the market earlier than our competition.

Our long term plan is to find a way to offer this analysis to you as our client.

  • With the launching of ‘Vinho’¬†we can open doors to allow instant valuations on our wines.
  • We can¬†maximise YOUR profits by ensuring we are selling at the best price to YOUR advantage.
  • Suppliers cannot determine the market because we become the market.
  • Information is power, and we created ‘Vinho’ to ensure you get the best experience out of wine investing.
  • We can even remove certain suppliers from our pricing that we know advertise prices but don’t have any stock!¬†¬†(A problem that has been bugging us for a long time.)
We welcome you to be part of our journey! If you need help in choosing some wine for your portfolio to start with, just email me at Start your wine portflio NOW!

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