Are you making the right moves?

Are you making the right moves?

Dear friends, 

The recommendation I made two weeks ago called Chateau Cos D’Estournel vintage 2018, is currently up 13%! 

From its crash at 30,000 the Dow fell 36% all the way to 19,000 points, it has now rebounded back up 24% to 24,000 points. What a ride! – If you had your portfolio with a wealth manager, that’s the return you should be sitting on. 

Many of the wealthiest investors have made a killing in the last 8 weeks – what will they invest in next?

It’s very likely they will park some money in rare wine as the stock market collapses, watch the crash while your wine goes up!

Why would they park money into rare wine?  Because its a safer asset.

As the bad news and repercussions of Coronavirus work it’s way thru the system.  Stock markets will crash again, RARE WINE will continue to go up and they know it’s the safest place to have their money while markets deteriorate. 

Rare Wine is becoming increasingly popular because private investors find it harder to make returns in global markets due to volatility and record low interest rates.

Wine is one of the most stable investments, but it can be exciting. Even if it doesn’t fluctuate erratically like stocks and shares. 

What I’m seeing is prices starting to jump, I remember this happened when AIG and Lehman brothers collapsed in 2008, remember that recession?  We thought the wine market was going to get killed. But strangely it didn’t. Instead it rallied for 3.5 years to unprecedented levels as many of you may remember.

Our service now includes a full portfolio management service.  We up’ed our game 6 months ago in preparation for this rally.

Ill be looking to sell wine in your portfolio so you can bank in profits as prices increase.  Rest assured I’ll be focused on what I do best. Selling your wines for the highest price and negotiating on new wine cheaper than the market.  You will receive an email when a wine is put for sale, likewise if you see a new wine added, well that’s me doing what I do best to grow your wealth. 

Why is there a rally in rare wine when most businesses are failing in this global crisis?  

Well, rare wine is very niche, it has some amazing characteristics that Other investments don’t have. For example the secondary rare wine market only trades around 7 billion dollars a year so it doesn’t attract institutional investors. It’s mainly made up of private equity and smaller investors.

Remember the good old days of the Stock market when It wasn’t so manipulated? 

Get ready for the rally, our latest wine investment report is almost ready to be posted and the numbers are looking really good!

Book online today if you need to have a 15 minute chat and ask me anything. 

Kind Regards,

James Pala
Europe’s No 1 wine investment analyst. 

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