Fee Schedule


Our fees and charges may change from time to time. Please be informed this is for public knowledge and the company holds the right to change or amend these fees at anytime without prior notice.


I. Admin Fee

1% of wine value purchased
Administration and logistics when landing or removing the wine from your account. This charge occurs once at the time of purchase and once at the time of sale.

II. Storage, Insurance and Management Fee Inclusive per year

London:  0.95% of total wine value at GBP £ or 0.475% every 6 months
Management & Insurance – included

Bordeaux: 1.1% of total wine value at EURO or 0.55% every 6 months
Management & Insurance – included

Charged bi-annually for the proper storage of your wine in either our U.K or France warehouses. 
Management fee included, covers the active auditing and logistics of the wines in your portfolio.

III. Trading Fees

2.5% of the wine value per trade.
On our trading platform, commission is built into the buyer and sellers price. We are proud to maintain the lowest trading fees in the industry.

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IV. Condition Reports Charges


10.00 GBP + VAT per full case and half case


8.00 Euros per full case
5.00 Euros per half case

Where necessary, we ensure that professional wine storage operators examine, and report on, the condition of the wines.

*Wines which are vintages 10 years or older
**All incoming stock received effective 15th November 2013
***These reports will be repeated on a wine every 10 years in storage

V. Removal of wines from Sure Holdings management 

5% Admin fee (Wine market value).
Delivery charges not included.  

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