Why does rare wine go up consistently?

Why does rare wine consistently go up in value?

Dear friends, 

The recommendation I made two weeks ago called Chateau Cos D’Estournel vintage 2018, is currently up 13%! 

An exciting fact about rare wine is, its consumed on a daily basis. The top producers, only produce 1000 to 15000 cases a year.  A classified winery is restricted on the number of bottles they produce each year with laws that have been in place since the year 1855.

The millionaires, billionaires, pop stars and movie stars will continue to pop corks with a thirst for rare wine. Did you know Johnny Depp drinks more than $30,000 a month in rare wine??

It’s these niche characteristics of rare wine with an ever decreasing supply and strong demand that produce the security and excellent long term returns.

The fact that it’s a physical asset like property makes it even more enticing. Assets always maintain a value, there’s never been a rare wine in 300 years that has deteriorated in value over time. And many of them have shelf lives over 100 years! 

Get ready for the rally, I hope you read our latest wine investment report the numbers are looking really good!

Book online today if you need to have a 15 minute chat and ask me anything. 

Kind Regards,

James Pala
Europe’s No 1 wine investment analyst. 

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